>Scam Alert

Our attention has been drawn to phony emails sent by some fraudsters alleging to be from SOLID EXCHANGERS, advertising dubious and scam High Yield Investment Program (HYIP). The purported e-mail being used by this fraudsters is [email protected]. Please be informed that we have no such e-mail in our company as at the time of writing this message.

Typically, the links contained in these ‘phishing’ emails will direct you to a site that contain some investment plan or the likes. Be informed that such e-mails are fraudulent and were never initiated by SOLID EXCHANGERS. Also note that SOLID EXCHANGERS is not planning and would NEVER run any investment program. We remain the best e-currency exchanger in Nigeria.

Please note that https://www.solidexchangers.com remains the only authentic website of SOLID EXCHANGERS.

The company therefore disassociates itself from all correspondences and transactions so fraudulently contrived. The company will also not be liable for any loss incurred by any person who deals with the imposters contrary to its advice. Kindly discard all such fraudulent mails, SMS or calls. For more inquiries, please call our Customer care line on +2349114772938 or reach us at [email protected].